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Video: e-Cigarette blows up in Canadian Teens Face

ALBERTA, CANADA — An electronic cigarette exploded in a Canadian teenager’s face this past week, causing severe burns and leading to emergency surgeries.

Sixteen-year-old Ty Greer was taking a toke in his mother’s jeep when it suddenly blew up, only two inches from his face. At the time, the boy’s father says the pain was so excruciating Ty said he wanted to die.

His father described the accident as a 2 foot by 2 foot fireball engulfing his son’s face, burning the back of Ty’s throat and his tongue. Luckily, he’d been wearing glasses at the time, so his eyes were not damaged. The teenager is being treated for first and second-degree burns, and has undergone two root canals to fix some of his broken teeth.

The e-cigarette was a Chinese-manufactured Wotofo Phantom, purchased at a local smoke shop in Alberta.

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Sexting Canadian Teens

In a world where sexting — digital flirting  — can create devastating personal and and legal problems, Grade 4 students in Nova Scotia are learning how to stay safe online.

Like many teachers and school boards across Canada, educators at Bluenose Academy in Lunenburg are making online safety a priority.

Eva Purcell-MacIntyre, 14, an older student there, says it’s a good idea. She’s had many requests for nude images from boys in her community, and she’s turned down every one.

…”We’ve had about a dozen kids call in and say, ‘If this doesn’t stop, I’m contemplating ending my life.’ So we know it’s a very serious issue,” she says

Arnason created, which guides teenagers on the most important problem of getting online service providers to remove images.

The site has averaged 6,000 unique views a month since it was launched three years ago.

“When kids come in to us, what they want is, No. 1, they don’t want their parents involved and they don’t want the police involved. They want the content to come down. … ‘I’m underage, I’m in the photo, I didn’t consent to its posting.'”

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