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Canadian Teens Are Better Now Than A Generation Ago

When Canadians look in the mirror, only 11 per cent are completely satisfied with what they see, according to a new global survey.

The findings, put out by market research company GfK, are based on interviews that were conducted last summer across 22 countries with more than 27,000 people aged 15 and older.canadian-teens-feeling-better-than-previous-generation

Among the global highlights:

  • Latin Americans are most satisfied with their looks (thanks to high rankings in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina).
  • The Japanese are most critical of their looks, followed by the British, then Russians, South Koreans, Swedes and Australians.

Not surprisingly, men have a more positive view of their looks than their female counterparts. In Canada, 13 per cent of males say they are completely satisfied with their looks, compared to nine per cent of females.

At the other end of the scale, five per cent of Canadian females say they are “not at all satisfied” with their appearance, compared to two per cent of Canadian men.

Maria credits that to greater awareness and discussion happening in our society, with more parents educating their kids about positive body image.

Unfortunately, nine per cent of Canadian teens are not at all satisfied with their looks, which is much higher than the global average of three per cent…

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Sexting Canadian Teens

In a world where sexting — digital flirting  — can create devastating personal and and legal problems, Grade 4 students in Nova Scotia are learning how to stay safe online.

Like many teachers and school boards across Canada, educators at Bluenose Academy in Lunenburg are making online safety a priority.

Eva Purcell-MacIntyre, 14, an older student there, says it’s a good idea. She’s had many requests for nude images from boys in her community, and she’s turned down every one.

…”We’ve had about a dozen kids call in and say, ‘If this doesn’t stop, I’m contemplating ending my life.’ So we know it’s a very serious issue,” she says

Arnason created, which guides teenagers on the most important problem of getting online service providers to remove images.

The site has averaged 6,000 unique views a month since it was launched three years ago.

“When kids come in to us, what they want is, No. 1, they don’t want their parents involved and they don’t want the police involved. They want the content to come down. … ‘I’m underage, I’m in the photo, I didn’t consent to its posting.'”

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The Canadian Gaming Association Loses on Odd Vote

The Canadian Gaming Association realizes there are limitations the organization must accept. Among those limitations would be the inability to guarantee a favorable action from the Canadian Parliament. While lobbying and requests

Canadian Gaming Association and Teens
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from business interests do factor into any legislative body’s decision, parliament does have to answer to the voters. Sometimes, the interests of the voters and the interests of businesses do not intertwine. The Canadian Gaming Association certainly understands not all votes are going to go its way. The recent decision by Parliament had to be a surprise though.

The defeat of Bill C-221, The Safe & Regulated Sports Wagering Act, was by a 156 – 133 tally. The crux of this bill was to attempt curbs on certain aspects of illegal gambling. $14 billion is wagered illegally per year in Canada. The bill would have allowed representatives from scores of different entities affiliated with legal gambling to “engage” with M.P.s over the matter.

Those who supported the bill do have a host of good points to stress. Illegal gambling absolutely does drain money away from the legal ventures that are involved in licensed and sanctioned gambling. Illegal gambling is a competitor to legal gambling. And, of course, illegal gambling exists in violation of all laws.

One thing hinted at in the reports about the failed vote is how funds diverted away from legal gambling hurts the average Canadian citizen. The assumption is only those who run the casinos and wager at the casinos benefit from the proper support of the legal gaming industry. The truth is people are employed in many different ways when the casino industry is healthy. The food service industry, for example, gains far-reaching economic benefits when clients such as casinos are doing well. Casinos cannot do as well as they could when funds are directed away to illegal enterprises.

The Canadian Gaming Association truly wishes it could come together with Parliament to come up with workable legislation capable of protecting legitimate businesses while putting strains on illegal betting enterprises and sportsbooks. In many ways, it is quizzical why the legislative bodies did not choose to work with the CMA. After all, the government on the local and national level loses tax revenue. ne of the major reasons gambling was legalized in Canada and elsewhere in the world was to ensure tax receipts increase. Wagering is not a perfect way to increase treasury coffers, but it is consistently reliable.

This is not to suggest the CMA and Parliament are never going to revisit this legislation. A new vote with revised legislation could take place in the near future. Turning a few “no” votes into “yes” votes might not even take much effort.

Illegal gambling is certainly not something the members of Parliament support in any way. The underground wagering industry should not look at the vote as a “thumbs up” to its behavior.

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