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Whats So Great About the University of Lethbridge

The University of Lethbridge, or U of L as it is fondly referred to, is a small university of about 8500 students located in the southern most part of Alberta, Canada.  That in itself is a great reason to go to the University of Lethbridge; Alberta has:

  1. Traditionally very high employment rates
  2. Has the youngest population in the country
  3. Has the lowest taxes in the country
  4. Has the Rocky Mountains, Calgary Stampede and Chestermere Water Festival

The U of L itself has much going for it:

  1. Modern campus overlooking the gigantic raveen
  2. One of the lowest tuitions in the country, averaging $6000.
  3. has 6 different residence styles, from almost bunk houses to nearly private condominiums
  4. 25% of fourth year undergrads work with faculty on a research project which is similar to much more research focused universities like the U of A

  5. They have a very popular and successful sports program named the Pronghorns supported by an excellent gym that you can easily get access to.
  6. They are known as a solid school for Nursing, Business and Psychology
  7. One of the most friendly staff in the country.  After you register they will PHONE you personally to answer any questions you have about course selection.  I have never seen that before.

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McLeans Magazine recently asked a U of L student for “the skinny” on what goes on at the school:

Best place for a nap: Pool gallery viewing area

Favourite campus food: Pulled pork poutine from Urban Market

Best campus coffee: The Campus Coffee Company

Favourite watering holes: Hudson’s on weekends, Studio on Thursday

Perks: Gorgeous coulees

Best hangover breakfast: The Telegraph Tap House’s $3 weekend breakfast

Where to live: West side within walking distance

Best place to study: Bread, Milk & Honey café

Worst place to study: Outside (too windy!)

Best giveaway: SU free popcorn Fridays

Coolest elective: The History of Rock and Roll

Best campus events: Fresh Fest, Last Class Bash

Best live-music venues: The Owl, Attainable Records

Official school motto: Fiat lux, “let there be light”

Best place to live for first-years: On campus

Best place to grab late-night pizza: Two Guys and a Pizza Place

Most original social event: Kummoniwannalaya

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What To Do If A Friend Is Being Cyberbullied

Cyberbullying is a serious business and in Canada it is sometimes a crime.  I hear you when you say “I don’t want to be the one to call the cops”, so don’t.  But remember that a friend is someone who helps when the times are tough and cyberbullying is tough.

Below are a few tips to help YOU help your friend through their cyberbullying nightmare:

  • Don’t jump in.  This might go without saying, except in todays online world it is easy to get caught up in the excitement.  Stay calm and think it through
  • Stand up against the online bullying. If you know the person doing it, tell them it’s not okay with you, but don’t get any more confrontational than that.



  • Talk to an adult.  Yes, I know you think they won’t understand but someone you know will.  Your parents, (sometimes even grand parents), favourite teacher, older brother sister, student councillor…
  • Call out the cyberbullying online. Use words like “That’s mean!” or “Stop it!” to show everyone you don’t approve. Many others may have been waiting for someone brave enough to take a stand, all it takes is one person and others may join to help stop it.
  • If you are afraid to call them out with your own account, create a new account then do it.  Be sure to create some other content first and “like” or retweet other content so it is no so obvious that this is coming from a ‘fake’ account.  If you are going to use a fake account to stand up for your friend, do not tell ANYONE (except your parents if it comes to that).  You can keep your secrets but others just can’t.
  • If you feel physical threats are involved or safety is at risk, tell a teacher or get the police involved. It’s not ‘tattling’ on your friend if someone’s safety is at stake.
  • If you’re unsure of what to do, a counsellor at Kids Help Phone can help you come up with solutions. Call 24-7 at 1-800-668-6868. It’s free and always confidential. If you don’t feel like talking, you can live chat with them online at

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